That One Time

i tried having pepper soup at work for breakfast
and it stained my white shirt so i had to strip (rather slowly and sensually) then washed my outfit in the toilet and dried it under the hand dryer.
My muscles rippled slowly while i scrubbed the outfit and my mildly sweaty chest glistened in the light of the toilet
The throngs of my scrubbing echo’ed through out the room as i intensely scrubbed at my shirt

Some soap lather fell on my chest and i tried to rub it off, instead it formed more lather and i found my self with soap all over my chest
The showers in the work bathroom immediately came on and i had to gently disrobe and step into the shower
The warmth and pulse of the shower jets gently massaged my flowing hair as i ran my fingers through very slowly
The water was warm and tender to my skin and that was when

That was when My wife woke me up and shouted “IDIOT yav piss in the bed…. Nonsense”

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