I dont like using the toilet in public places.
Cos people always know…they always know you just went to poo…. You can see it on their faces the way they stare at you when you come out of the toilet.
So many questions in their mind.
“Did he wash his hands?”
“Was the poo plenty?”
“Is he a shitty shitty?”
“What did he eat this time?”
“Why does he like to shit all the time”
These things give me concern……
Anybody would feel the same way i feel.
I remember one time i was at the airport, my flight wasnt ready so i had a bit of time.
I felt the first Shit Pang when i was at the check in counter but i just ignored it, i thought it was probably one of those false alarm shit pangs…. Okay i must admit, i released a small fart and i felt a lot better.
By the time i had sat down to wait for the departure call, the Shit pang had quadrupled. It was so intense that i broke out in immediate sweat.
it was not funny.
I looked around the waiting area and it was very full, people everywhere, and i had my suitcase and laptop bag.
I looked towards the toilet area and there was nobody there so i quietly rolled my luggage infront of me towards the toilet.
I had this casual “I just need to pee quickly” (you dont want anybody to know you’re going to drop a hot shit) Walk.
I was even greeting people in a friendly manner
“Oh excuse me”
“So sorry”
“If i could just squeeze through”
It was a full house that day so yeah, unless i was going to carry my luggage on my head, there was no other way i would have passed through the crowd without looking suspicious.
Anyway, got to the toilet and found an empty stall and i quickly got down to business.
The Shit Stank.
I cannot begin to explain to you the stankiness of the shit that day but be rest assured that it was bad. I think i had had a cheesy meal in the morning at some point and that was probably why the stink.
Anyway, Job done, time to exit the toilet….
Calculation time….
How do i exit this toilet without the whole world knowing i just came to take a shit… because they know….. oh they know…. how wouldn’t they know?
Quietly i unlock the door and peek out, unfortunately, there was a crowd of about 7 or 8 men in the toilet waiting for a free stall to use.
As i exited my stall, someone quickly rushed in. I was about to say
“You might wanna give that 10 to 15mins”
But the bros was in a hurry… so i quickened my pace….
The guy rushed out of the stall just as quickly as he rushed in…
“Whaaaat? Did something die inside you sir? What the hell did you eat? Kai, this is not right… Sir you should see a doctor though… my personal advice”
I didnt even turn back, i was already at the door, The shame would not even let me look up.
I finally exited the toilet and into the main lounge and then i finally looked up. It felt like all eyes were on me….
I could have sworn that i heard mummurs
“that guy just went to shit….”
“See that guy?, hes doing the I just went to shit walk of shame”
“Oh we all know he went to shit”
“Thats a shitterholic right there”
I even felt people pointing so i looked up to address them and probably lie that “I just took a piss but i was busy reading something on my phone that was why the delay”
Then i realized….. Nobody cared….. or well it seemed as if nobody cared. Everybody was just doing their own thing. I think some of the people that were there when i entered had gone and had been replaced by new people.
I turned back to look at the toilet stalls…. Nobody was even sending me…. every body busy doing their own thing.

That was when i realized…. i wasn’t supposed to be at the airport, i had a meeting at another part of town. i guess i was here because i had been thinking about this shit all day long. Shrugs

This one sef happens…..


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