Christmas is coming

While everyone is working hard to make enough spending money for the holidays coming in three months, I, on the other hand have been having momentous epiphanies on stupid things to do this year for my celebrations.

On top of my list (and i definitely have to do this cos well…. its Christmas baby! and when else can i do this?) would be to take a salt shaker, Curry shaker, Thyme Shaker, Maggi Cubes, Pepper Shaker, One nutmeg, two cloves of garlic, some cinnamon and a bottle of soy sauce, Line them all up right in front of my door, Take a clear picture with my camera and post it with the caption. “Seasons Greeting”


Half of you wont get the joke but i’m already unbothered cos as you can already tell, i’m doing this for my own amusement and to be honest i’m chuckling as i write this at the dental hospital.


Actually, I was at the dentist trying to figure out whats going on with my teeth cos I’ve been having terrible pains lately. like i usually don’t have tooth issues. If anything i have great teeth. they aren’t as white as i would love them to be but they are good enough. This is why this trip to the dentist was quite peculiar to me. It was my first.

Anyway, i had lain in the dental chair after going through the lady at the reception who is a perfect description of every black nurse in every hospital in every hollywood movie. You know that black sassy nurse? The one that doesn’t look up while handing you a form and repeating the “black nurse in every movie association phrase”?…. you know the one im talking about…….. the “Fill the form and sit down till a doctor is ready to meet you” phrase? ………Yeah that one……. That’s the nurse that was on duty today.

akward 1

Anyway, i had gone through that and it was my turn in the chair. The white ninja dentist (white overalls, white mask, white cap) was like “Say Ahhh!” and i did. And after poking around for a while, he put some numbing cream on my teeth, turned to drop his utensils and said
“Hey, what you got is anormal cavity” im like
“oh cool. so the cavity is normal. What does this mean though?”
the doctor was like “huh, I said you have ENAMEL CAVITY. ENAMEL! ENAMEL!! E-N-A-M-E-L, not A NORMAL”
Im like “I honestly thought you were Ghanaian”
My mouth was numb though from all the numbing cream so i couldn’t enunciate myself well…. but oh well…. it was just a regular English pun-like situation and not a math one. cos while most puns make me feel numb, Math puns make me feel number.

See what i did there??

The Punisher

Im done

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