What really grinds my gears Part 2

You know what really grinds my gears?

People that use statements like “grind my gears” like seriously? do you think everybody knows how gears work? Gears are actually a very complicated system and it requires a shit load of calculation to build. Gears are no joke. Seriously though, people that say stuff like “grind my gears” grind my gears.


Im sorry, its so hard to write funny materials these days. Most especially because it seems like nobody reads anymore. Back in the day people started by reading newspapers then books and fiction and then the internet came and started ruining everything. People started reading blogs and then podcasts came and now there are youtube videos everywhere.
Nobody seems to want to read a blog anymore, they would rather watch a vlog.

Anyway, im already overshooting the number of words one should put in a blog post before people lose interest.


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