Being Captain Chicks (A guide to learning how to be smooth with women)

Yes i mean you…
I mean You….
The one reading this post…
Stop acting like you dont know i’m talking to you….
Yes I’m talking to you…
So you want to become a ladies man….
You want to be chasing girls up and down…
You want to be a smooth criminal eh?
So thats how you are now….
you’ve joined bad gang ba?
Captain chicks,
Saving the souls of the sisters in church,
Sister Amaka in the Choir will not hear word because you are around,
You will not let the sisters rest….
Issokay… Issokay….
I will just help you because thats the kind of person i am.
Oya pick biro and paper.

How to Become Captain Chicks:
Tip 1,
Have a couple of clean white singlets:
Everybody knows that babes dig a guy with white singlet on…. its just simple to understand… and while you’re at it, throw a couple of white pants with that… now you’re wearing all white like a student at baptist academy. You’re moving forward… girls like guys that are in school.

Tip 2,
Buy Gold chain:
See, if you don’t have a gold chain, i don’t know how you’re still alive, nothing attracts chicks more than a shiny gold chain. I’m telling you. Take it from an expert.

Tip 3,
Must be a musical artist:
See eh, if you don’t know how to rap or sing, just forget it, you’re going to be alone for the rest of your life.luckily for you, it can be taught. call me. I will give you extra lessons on being an artiste in Nigeria. I don’t need to tell you that babes love musicians. look at 2face, psquare… i don’t even need to say much.

Tip 4,
Dress the part:
One or two baggy jeans and a face cap should do it.

Tip 5,
Blow Phoneh,
The need for this cannot be over emphasized. Babes love guys that blow phoneh, if you want to learn, just watch a lot of movies and try to copy how they speak. practice makes perfect.

These few points alone are enough to make you the King of chicks. Ive taught you too much. Call me for more advice.

You’ll be paying for extra advice though, this one is free.


Ex-Captain Chicks


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