The $500million question

So i hear one new $500million was found in somebody’s account in relation to the Arms fraud case.
My Brethren….
Somehow i dont know how to breathe….
How can you just wake up in the morning to a bright and shiny day.
Enter your car
Reach office
Eat breakfast
Next thing
Beep Beep…. Message on your phone
you pick up
Bank Alert
If i carry my phone and see $1m alert first, i will just develop asthma immediately
Talk more of $10m
$10m can give somebody stroke na.
You will just pick up the phone and see the alert and the hand wont even be able to come down to your side again.
Thats how one guy in Ondo state won Baba Ijebu lotto for 5Million
The news got to his family house first and he wasnt at home
The family immediately got police and arrested the man
when he got there, he started pleading
“Ejoooo, what did i do? please somebody should tell me EJOOOO”
Only for his father to say
“Dare, You won Baba Ijebu N5million”
Of course Dare first fainted.
And the father exclaimed
“This is the reason why you are locked up in a police station. If we had told you in the house, you would have run mad and taken to the streets. At least we can manage your shock here”
True story

Me i think by the time they finish arresting all the people linked to these fraud cases, the number of people living in asokoro and maitama will remain 5.
You will ask a security man
“ah ah who lives in Number 5?”
“Hes in Jail”
“Who lives in number 6 to 10 nko?”
“Hes in jail also, infact this whole area like this, they are all in jail…..”

But you that is reading this…. What will you do if you recieve alert of $500million
Its dollars o not Naira.
What will be your first reaction?




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