Am i missing something here? (The Doofus Edition)

October 2, 2014


I picked up my Phone…
“Hello… Lara…. sup tho….but… you cant be bothered?…. really…. yes i am serious…. its really over?….This relationship is not working?… but im really sorry for what i dont even know i did Lara… look… see…..umm Lara… would you allow me speak…. my point is… Lara…. i have heard your point…. if you would just allow me say something…. i will do anything…. what the hell….(click)”


September  28th, 2015

OMG who the hell is that? i swear I must talk to this girl. If i dont talk to this girl let me shit blue shit, Let my Adam’s apple become flat.
i walk up to the girl….

“Hi, the name’s Tunde or WashPalm, depends on who is here at the moment. Not to take much of your time, but i just want to know what your take on the economical situation of the country is, you know the downstream of the economy coupled with the gross debt the country has incured……”
Reply ” sorry i do not have the time for this”

Lets try this again

“Hey, the name’s WashP…….”
**Girl Walks Away**

February 10, 2016

Sigh This is getting worse. Are you saying i cant just toast again? I dont know how to toast babe? How the hell did i toast Lara? its been about two years…. You know what? Im gonna go out there and find me a girlfriend. Vals is in 4 days.

***Walks up to group of single women***
“Hi Ladies….” (shit ive blanked out) “Sooo does any one of you like Akara”
ALL THE LADIES: ” YESSSSSSSSSS i looooooooove akara, It my best food, smell my finger i just finished eating akara, If i dont eat akara anyday its like i will just die… PLEASEEEEEEE MEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

Im just here like


What in Gods name is happening???



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