FOR MEN: What not to give her on Valentines day

Ahh, Valentines day is here again.. Another time to put your money where your mouth is,
Men see it as – “You say you love me? GIMME SOMETHING NICE! = Valentines Day”
Women see it as – “Ill buy him something romantic and spend the rest of the day complaining about my gift”…. well for some women
Others women see it as – “OMG what will i get….” they get so excited about receiving something that they forget to get him something and rush to the nearest mallam to buy boxers and singlet
Some Other women see it as – “Let me see if he will forget…. I will not even forgive him for this one”
Note how there are more views for women than men?
Ive always believed in the “EVERYDAY IS VALENTINES DAY” school of thought…. And i think i try to live it out as much as possible.
The downside to this is that Valentines day now brings so much pressure.
If you are the kind of guy that Buys her flowers every other day, Buys chocolates, Have romantic candle lit dinners, sometimes fancy restaurants, Buys her gifts from time to time Just because, Then Valentines day will scare the crap out of you because your options are now so limited.

Anyway, to the topic of the day…. and this one is for the men


since im talking to the guys to day ill keep it short and simple. We guys dont like long talk. we just go straight to the point. Hit the nail on the head and move on. So imma just cut to the chase….. (theres a joke somewhere in “cut to the chase” but ill just leave it be for now… i really dont have the time for digressions these days…. they are too tiring… imagine youre trying to write a post with 500 words, digression will give you another 500 words. so ive decided and told myself ill just keep swallowing the jokes… no more digressions… I SHALL NOT DIGRESS ANYMORE… this is my focus for 2016. or maybe one day ill just do a whole post on digressions…. but that day is not today)….
Okaaayyyy, gifts you should not give her on vals day.

1, Waist Trainer.
waist trainer.jpg
Look Ba, I know she has been complaining about her shape and how she is loosing her shape and how her tummy is protuding and how she wants her shape back… but GUY… Dont even try to give her a waist trainer… if anything… not on vals day (Small advice on how to buy her a waist trainer: Take her window shopping, walk into a female store where they have female stuff… point at the waist trainer… say “isnt that the thing you were saying you needed for your waist?” then offer to buy if she still wants. Thats free advice)

2, Salad
Grilled Chicken Salad Supreme.jpg
Guy, as much as you think you’re helping her…. YOU’RE JUST PUTTING YOURSELF IN TROUBLE. The next thing you will hear is “OH you think im fat???” Ive said too much

If by now you don’t know why you shouldn’t give her running shoes ON VALS DAY, then you’re probably too dumb to be dating. Go back to school.


Just dont…. she probably will start thinking you are telling her that she stinks or her mouth smells…. Thats how one idiot went and got his babe toothbrush pack and toothpaste. Mschew…. I think the surprise of that event was how she didnt break up with him but thats a story for another day.


Bro’s abeg lets stick to our usual
Perfumes, Chocolates, Teddy bears and Flowers abeg. no time for all that drama. You with me???

Its simple biko. Don’t gaan do the one that nobody sent you. This one is safe and trust me you cant go wrong on this.



Ladies tommorow is your turn










10 thoughts on “FOR MEN: What not to give her on Valentines day

  1. Habaaa. You wan give us d ‘usual’ but want Mercedes benz jeep in return. Dia ris God o. Give us the latest Range Rover first.


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