Epic Fail (The Valentine version)

Being the traditional kind of guy i am, i did some research and realized that i needed to ask my girlfriends dad for permission to marry her.
You know how Nigerians are…. Before someone will now look like he doesn’t have respect and her family will now be like;

eyeing.gifSee this one… Lack of Home Training…

Anyway, I went to Ebeano supermarket in Lekki and bought a bottle of Scotch because the elders say “a child does not come to visit an elder with empty hands”.
The next day was VALENTINES DAY so excitedly around 1pm (My break time at work), i drove down to her house at Onikan, The plan was simple.
Go to her fathers office, Tell him my Intentions, Show him the ring, Get a speech, Get his blessings, Pick her up after work, Have a romantic dinner, Propose, She says yes, Hug, Kiss, Get married, Live happily ever after.
With my laid out plan, i showed up at her fathers office by 1:30pm (no traffic, we thank God) and met her father.
I gave him the wine and he asked the traditional;pete.png

I told him how much his daughter meant to me and how i wanted to marry her then i finally said
“So with your blessings sir” i dropped on one knee, Opened the box with the ring and said “I would love your permission to ask your daughter to marry me”
before he could say anything, The door burst open and my girlfriend rushed in.
Apparently she had rushed to her dads office to get some stuff and walked in finding me on one knee, proposing marriage to her father.
She was like….
akward 1.gif

I was like….

Then her father was like…..

“ANYWAY….. So will you marry him?”
She was like……
no.gif“When he asks i will think about it…. Its all ruined… i cant believe this….”

I was like……
these people have killed me.gif

Anyway, that ruined that for me….. i had to ask her days later, after she had gotten a speech from her dad about how i was a proper young man…..
We are happily married now…..



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