On Motivation

OK yes, its not easy to find topics to talk about every day…. Some times you just stare at your screen like;

cONFUSEDWhat is somebody supposed to write about today Tori Olorun?

Today seemed to be one of those days so i buzzed my hommie nigga @nennybiggs and tried to get some inspiration.

i simply asked
“hey so what do you think i should talk about today?”
That was how #IWasInMyHouseAndTrailerCameToJamMe
“How many times have you been told to consistently keep doing something if you want to be good at it” She screamed “If you hadn’t stopped, maybe SEO would have placed you next to Linda Ikeji…. But we would never know… we would never know”

I was like “But if….”

“DON’T EVEN GIVE ME THAT” She Snapped “I need consistency from you Scratch…..”

As she was ranting me i was just like

shocked2See me see trouble o,

“Yo calm down son” ees not a quarreling sturvs

I actually planned to write on how NOT to impress the woman you’re eyeing on my Valentine series.
So, Get ready folks, The Valentine Series start tomorrow.

I’m calling it – EPIC FAILS (The Valentine Version).

See you tomorrow 🙂







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