And then this….. (Back from my Blogging break)

So last week Friday i slept rather early, i had a bit of malaria and typhoid i had been treating all week and i definitely was getting better. I honestly do not remember how i slept off or the events that led to my sleeping off but i knew i took a particular drug (Ciprotab 500) and i passed out.


Exit Real world
Enter Dream land,

So i and a couple of guys were chilling at a mall just sitting out and talking about what i obviously do not remember when we saw a random madman…. the akward thing was… he was on the wall…. kinda like spiderman. (Dont ask… we all have freaky dreams).
Next thing i remember he and my friend Kabiru were having a saber fight


I really cant tell what the fight was about but then next thing the american coast guard burst into the mall


I pointed to Kabiru and the mad man like “Look over there, they are the ones fighting” but apparently they were not there for the fight.
“we are looking for a little girl” they asked “Her name is Shirley”
we just stood there looking at ourselves, then one of my friends pointed to a scary looking girl at a corner. She looked like one of those little girls from horror movies


The soldiers turned to the girl and burst into song and dance it went something like
“Shirley Please come home…. la la la la”
there was the whole boy band movement, plus the slide out and all that…..


Anyway, I and my guys were so amazed at this. It was fascinating in every way so we arranged formation immediately they were done and decided to bust our own moves…
As expected, i was the leader….
I screamed
“and a 5, 6, 7,8……”
“We dont know any songs…..”

That was when i woke up like WTH just happened


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