Because Jollof Rice is Bae

Its not everyday i wi jus come here and be craking jokes about life, somedays i want to talk about life changing, life threatning issues…… Like Jollof Rice.

I planned to tell you a story about the origin of Jollof rice but i have refrained from that act. Why bother talking about how we came about the legacy that is Jollof rice? Instead we could bask in the glory and the ambience that is Jollof rice.
Today tho, I shall be giving you pictures and quotes from the awesomity of this meal.
Heres what a couple of people have to say about Jollof rice with commentary from me.

ELLE@elros_addiction Because when you are home and sick…only #jollofrice can make everything better! (Because Jollof rice is Bae, Mama, Papa, Siblings and relatives at the same time)



CEO Flash Group@jideflash #jollofrice solves all
(Simultaneous, Quadratic, and All manners of equations. It solves Marriage Issues, Life Issues, And whatever)


Naija Media Hub@NaijaMediaHub Don’t let anybody treat you like a White Rice, You’re #JollofRice!

(Look you are more that just plain rice…. its an insult for someone to treat you as such)



Cowbellmilk@CowbellmilkGoing for a party this weekend?…Top up with some cookies and a glass of #Cowbellmilk, in case you don’t meet #jollofrice

(Even cowbell milk can attest to the fact that Jollof rice is king. #SeeYaLater)



Renny Vonne@Renny_Vonne 2 hungry bachelors led to one busy weekend! #jollofrice #eforiro #potroastchicken #okra

(Instead of hanging around drinking beer, Jollof rice can make the difference. Theres nothing like #JollofRiceBelle… #BeerBelle on the other hand Sucks)

Have a jollof week…..



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