Train of thoughts 2

So I just re watched the movie “The Dictator” it may not be the funniest movie of the year but some scenes tore my ribs. Ok let me give you a scene from the movie (Spoiler). Apparently this dictator was so rash, that he changed some words in the dictionary to his name ALADEEN. Stupid as he was, He changed Up – Aladeen, Down – Aladeen, Positive – Aladeen, Negative – Aladeen, Open – Alaaden, Close – Alaaden and so many more. This new development caused so much confusion in the country. For example: Doctor: So do you want the Aladeen news? Or the Aladeen News? Patient: err? The Aladeen News? Doctor: Well, You are HIV Aladeen. Patient: **Facial Expression**………..HAPPY???……..SAD????………HAPPY????*** Anyway, you might have noticed that my post is quite straight forward and has no cut-aways or digressions and you might be asking yourself “Is everything alright with Scratchbrovaman?” Well thank you for asking. Thank you for caring. I always knew you cared. You were just shy and couldn’t come out to tell me you did. It’s alright, I care also. I may not care about you the way you care about me but it’s okay, as long as we all care…… Whatever happened to the care bears? I used to think those things were amazing…. Especially the blue care bear, I don’t think I knew any of their names….. Maybe I just liked the blue care bear because it was blue, I’m a guy, guys like blue, so naturally I liked the blue one. Did they have super powers? I think they did. Do they even show the care bears again? What the hell do kids watch these days? Barney? Isn’t there something scary about a purple prehistoric creature that is supposed to be a flesh eating carnivore singing and dancing with kids? It’s just like getting a dragon and throwing it to your kids. I don’t know what kids see in Barney though….. I can tolerate Barney but I CANT STAND TELLYTUBBIES. What are those things? Who are they?? Are they midgets in the suit? Are they Computer Generated Images? Are they 3D animated objects? Who or what are those things? And why do they talk like distressed mice? What is wrong with their voices? Should we be concerned? There’s something wrong about that programme. Whatever happened to Sesame Street? Ok I’m not here to start taking us down memory lane but all I’m just saying is……. Sigh….. What was I just saying?? I know I had a point in there somewhere….. I WAS TRYING TO MAKE A POINT DAMMIT….. I’m obviously too lazy to scroll up. That’s a whole lot of work man. What’s the Laziest thing you have ever done?


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