Train of thoughts 1

Ok so the other day I and my friends were drinking at a pub…. (wait… I don’t have friends….. you can already tell that this story is going to be a mixed farce) anyway so I was drinking at this pub (wait we don’t have pubs in Nigeria, the closest thing to a pub in Abuja is ‘beer barn’ where they serve your beer in those mighty glasses that look big enough to house a midget, like really….. you know what? Ill just go ahead and say it….. ‘I might have seen a midget hiding in one of those beer barn mugs recently….**raises hands** im just saying… I could be wrong… I was at a bar having drinks… what did you expect?** oh shit… im still in a cut away…. Im sorry I know Im trying to tell a story here but I keep drifting…. I noticed my cut aways even have cut aways now…. Sigh…. A digression in a digression…. DAMMIT I must tell this story).
Okay like I was saying, I had a couple of drinks at the barn…. (oooh isn’t that cute…. Why cant we start calling beer barn ‘the barn’?…. infact im calling it… from now on, beer barn shall be known as the barn.)
So im at the barn  having drinks and I look at the time, its almost midnight. I know its time to go home. I realise im drunk but im that special kind of drunk, you know the kind of drunk where you know you shouldn’t drive but…. You know… common…. You have to get your car home…. Right?… like what do they expect me to do? Take a cab? Well screw that….. im not taking a cab…. Ah ah…. I may be an idiot but theres one thing I am not sir and its an idiot…. Wait…. Hold on….. I need to rethink that last statement…. Don’t think it came out right…..
Anyway, so I get in my car and drive home….. there was nothing special about the drive home…. Roads were empty, one or two checkpoints…. Aint nothing….
Im sure you were expecting a better story…. Well do some work…. Write yourself a better story.
Im going.


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