The curse of “six taps”

I remember the first day i resumed at boarding school, its not a very good memory.
In summary, i got into a physical fight with one of my roomies cos he called me a “fag” (Back then the word fag was quite new as an insult…. infact it was one of the highest insults one could recieve.) i replied him by saying he was a “Goat fag”.
I honestly don’t know how goat fagging works but well i hear these days that people have taken being gay into another level and entered bestiality. I mean…. whats wrong with all the women in the world? How would you look over a thousand woman and then start looking for men…. wait…. that wasnt enough for you…. you now decided to look for goats??…. How would it even work? Is the goat turned on at some point? what positions will you take? This is a very confusing thought….
Sorry I digressed again…..
Remember how i used to digress a lot back then (in my earlier posts)?, Omg i could digress for Africa mehn but i think all that has changed now. I’m a better person. I hardly digress at all.
why i remember the conversation i had with my friend recently and i stayed on topic all through the conversation…. i was so impressed with myself. Towards the end of the conversation i had to point it out to the guy that he must have noticed that i did not digress once through out the conversation, not like the last time we tried to talk. Omg that was the wrongest conversation ever. We started talking about Politics and ended up trying to figure out who started the shoe lace trend.
Anyway, my point is that i dont digress anymore.
Ok back to my pre-digression story
Yea so i fought with this guy, and then i missed out on lunch cos the food sucked, as if that was not enough, i went and got myself caught by some senior students who sent me to fetch water for them at “6 taps”

6 taps: 6taps was a region in the school btw the over head reservoir and the common room. The ground was very slippery owing to all the algae and grass that had accumulated there over the years. 6taps was the major water distribution channel for the whole school. Seeing as the pipes leading to all the hostels were all vandalized, the only option for students was to make the long walk from wherever their hostels were to the dreaded 6taps to get water.

Now, the problem was not just going to 6taps, it was more that there were senior students always hanging around the area like hungry vultures looking for who to prey on. Their eyes kept roaming to and fro, scrutinizing every Junior student that was on pilgrimage to the taps, looking to see if they could forcefully engage the services of one of these students to be their minion for a period of time.
For us the junior students at the time, our only excuse was to create a pseudonym that we were in bondage to. for example, a typical conversation between a senior student and a minor at sixtaps would go like this,

“Oi that boy, run down here”
junior boy runs down
“Take this bucket, go and fetch me water”
(gaddemit ur just a few feet from the taps, how lazy can you be? i have just walked kilometers to this place and you cant just take a few steps to get your own damn water?? tueh) “Sorry but a senior sent me”
“Are you mad? Did i ask if a senior sent you? I said take this bucket and get me water”
“But excuse me senior, hes just there (Points to a reasonable distance) and he’s waiting for me”
“Who is the person that sent you”
“Senior Okpaks”
“Okpaks sent you? and you cant get me water?…..***SLAP***…..Drop that bucket here, carry my bucket and go get me water Immediately”
Now see, most of you must be thinking OMG how could he just slap the junior student like that. BUT what you dont understand is that because the senior has acknowledged that there is a “senior Okpaks” (even though you made it up), He will release you on time because he believes you are a minion to someone else already. Even if that someone else is not on the same level of authority with him.
So its better you get a slap and freedom than no slap and becoming a minion to someone you dont want work for.
On this particular case though, this guy made me carry his water to his bedroom then marched me to a guy named “okpaks” and asked
“Okpaks, na you send this urchin?”
“No be me o, i dont know him” Okpaks replied
“Im dead” I said in my head
“Oboy, your own don finish” the senior said to me
“from now on you are a minion to both I and Okpaks, you are to report here every day after classes to take orders, God help you if i look for you”

………. well i never said my method works ……..
Life as a Junior Student in a Federal Government boarding house SUCKS….


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