My first interview

It was a Tuesday morning, I had applied to XXX company for the position of I.T. Administrator two weeks ago and they had called me yesterday to come for a brief interview at their office. The interview was slated for 10am but I was there by 7am.
“what harm can coming early possibly do?” I asked myself, plus I was a nervous wreck since this was my first interview ever in life. I had asked myself all the possible questions I could think of, I had gone on the internet, read books and any other thing I could lay my hand on. I made it a point of duty to read one self help book everyday.
Stocked up in my book library, I had read:
Taking Control ,
Be your own man,
How to fire your boss,
Look up in the sky… it’s a bird… it’s a plane… no its you,
You can make it,
Swallow your spit,
No more crap,
No more no more crap (which is no more crap part2),
I believe,
stand strong,
where do you see yourself in 5 years,
bold and confident,
you are your own superman,
superman 2,
superman 3,
superman returns,
whatever you want,
if I think it I can be it,
being serious in serious matters,
Joblessness is serious business…….
And couple more books I really can’t remember. Bottom line, I wanted to ACE this interview.
I had been jobless for 2 years so I was more than excited about this. I HAD TO GET THIS JOB.
I arrived the office at about quarter to 7am and met the gates locked. I knocked. And a small square that was cut into the gate was flung open. A male face popped up at the other side.
“ehen? Who I dey find” He asked
“I’m here for an interview” I replied showing him my letter.
“ehh nobody she never come. Which time I tell me make I come fa?” He asked as he pulled out a chewing stick from somewhere in his long overflowing sleeping gown and started chewing it with reckless abandon.
I paused for a minute to wonder what teeth he was brushing with the stick seeing as he had about 4 front teeth left and they were brown with decay.
“10 o’clock, but I decided to come early” I replied him finally
“Ehen, Make I wait am for outside” He said and closed the metal flap of the gate.
I looked around and found a nice spot to stand while watching cars drive past.
Two and half hours later, a skinny girl in her early twenties walked up to the gate and knocked. The flap flew open again, no words were exchanged, and the gate opened. Before she could go in, I stopped her briefly
“My name is John everyman, I’m here for the interview”
“Ehh” she replied as though disgusted by my presence “you have to wait with everybody else. The interview is for 10am” and she went in, she didn’t even look at me as she almost literarily spat the words out of her mouth……………..
Okay I know you are waiting for the end of this post…. There is no end…. I got bored so I started writing. Now I’m no longer bored. If you want to finish the post for me please feel free to do that in the comments section. As you can see I haven’t damaged the story yet…. Its still fresh and there’s so much potential… hehehehe ahahahahahahaha I can be that annoying. Oya sorry.


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