One of those random days

I have not blogged in donkey years, i dont know why, i think ive been preoccupied with different things….. we will find out someday.

So today i woke up very slowly and got to the office by 10 (Look these things happen…. i work hard, i sleep hard also… dont judge me Matt 7:7 KJV)
got to the office and had the following conversation on facebook…… 

“Hi Margaret”
“Hi Who is this?”
“My name is Ceejay Scratch Brovaman, used to be in Platoon 10, go thru my profile jo, if you dont remember me then ill just jump off a bridge”
“Lool C ur head, Hows everything”
“OMG whats wrong with my head???? is it no more…. like a head??? does it now look like…. feet??? need to do something about this”
“Hahahahahaha Hw z abj?”
“well abuja is a city located in the middle belt part of nigeria dominated mostly by hausas but that trend is changing now….theres everybody”
“Ur so funny”
“I am??? omg i had no idea nobody told me”
“Hahahaha Cj Hw z evrytin”
“well everything is everything, im guessing u think everything is something right? well somehow everything is something but its more the fact that everything is made up of little somethings. people would think somethings are made of nothing but thats just preposterous.”


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