What does it actually mean when someone says “a rapper is deep”? Ive pondered this topic for a while now and have come to a personal conclusion. I will tell you what the conclusion is but like i said, its a conclusion. Conclusions come at the end of a topic not at the begining. Im not one of those kind of people that conclude a story before it starts, no way jose. I follow the lone of the story like a professional writer and i break down my points very articulately. I swear, im not lying. What if i told u at the begining that i concluded that “anybody that thinks a rapper is deep lacks insight” how would you feel? Would u want to continue reading ghe pozt? Im serious….answer me. I told about the time when i went to watch a movie and this little kid told me the summary of the movie in a few sentences before i walked into the viewing room. I would have banged his head with my fists but i couldnt for the following reasons.

1, his father was right beside him

2, his father was heavily built like a boxer or something

3, i didnt want to die, its not my time yet

4, if u think im a chicken, go and punch mike tysons child on the face and see what happens.

Anyway, what was i talking about again?…… Ermmm…. Oh the rappers. Well after pondering about this for a while i had to call up my hiphop instincts from where i dumped them. Remember i used to be a rapper? I even blogged about it. Its further down my blog. Anyway, i got my instincts and i was like, ” first, deep is a noun meaning hollow, or extending far down or in…… So if a rapper is deep, is he extending far down or in? Far down into what? Drugs? Maybe drugs….lets say drugs…. So the more doped up a rapper, the deeper he is.” which makes much sense because i was never high when i used to rap, no wonder i wasnt deep, no wonder my rap sucked, no wonder i couldnt make a career out of it, no wonder. I think im going to try my hands at hip hop again. This time imma smoke some weed, do some reefer, angel dust, cocaine, meth, all at the same time.

You know theres gon be a part 2 of this….. Cant give u everything in one sitting.

Peace out

* *********


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