dont do drugs

So an hour ago, I called up “abominable” (my weed guy) to fix me up. Okay I have no idea why this guy is called abominable, he’s just abominable okay? Look its okay not to know somethings, it doesn’t make u a worse person, you are just one more person who just doesn’t know about that thing okay? Stop feeling bad, let the abominable guy go.
Okay so I met him up at the restaurant where we eat (yes not all weed sellers operate from uncompleted buildings…. U need to lay off the home videos a bit) oh yea so I got there before him and (wait before I go on, please stop asking so many questions so I don’t keep digressing from the story… I’m loosing concentration and mental value…whatever that means :s ) anyway, I was a bit depressed so I asked him if he had something stronger than the skunk I usually bought.
He opened up his bag and told me he had a new blend called “the mind rape” another called “holy shit I feel my brains depleting” and the last one popularly known as “run forest run”. I don’t know who names these things but the person deserves an award of some sort. Oh yea where was I? Yea the weed. So I took a bag of “mind rape” and smoked it on the way home. When I got to my house there was a white talking rabbit seated on my couch. Said something about its name being olu…something but then again isn’t every yoruba rabbit named olu…something? I ignored the rabbit.
I knew I wasn’t high cos I know the me. Before I go on, I’d like to say that there is NOTHING sexy about mind rape. Its actually what the name says. It rapes you damn mind. Call d cops, call your nephews, I just know mind rape is horrible. Back to my story. I ignored the rabbit cos I wasn’t high. When ur high ur sopposed to see unicorns. I never seen one before. I don’t even know what it looks like. Infact. I always thot unicorn meant ‘one corn” or “single corn” so when I saw that bloody horse with a horn in my bathroom I knew my mind had been raped. That is it. My mind got raped then got pregnant, went on the 16 and pregnant thing…now it has no friends or no memories. Anyway that’s it, I’m outside right now naked on the lawn.
Just came here to warn u not to do drugs. That’s all I came here to say
Nite folks


14 thoughts on “dont do drugs

  1. Hahahhaahaha!! This is Epic, yo! Mind rape noni. Had me laughing all the way thru…and I also recently watched an episode of 16 and pregnant…so nice, nice.


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