“THEY say a bird in hand is worth two in the bush” Do THEY live in a bush?
“THEY say the devil u know is better than the angel you don’t” Are THEY Paranormal?
“DEM talk say, wetin papa siddon for ground dey see, small pikin no fit see am even if him climb tree” DEM be reporter?
They told me I was kind of Mad sha. I still refuse to believe it because they haven’t come to confront me with it. Are THEY Doctors??
They told me I’d never amount to shit, I made my first million and counted it, now look at it, a freaking drop out that quit, rich as hell and I’m proud of it (Eminem) Are THEY school teachers?
They that live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones. Who the hell are they?? WHO????
THEY say this, DEM say that, WHO THE HELL ARE THEY????
Haven’t you ever just wondered? This ‘THEY’ happens to be a very popular person. There’s no household in Nigeria that doesn’t know him/her or it. Ha! When I was a child, I heard so much about ‘THEY’ that once I looked in the nitel phone directory for his/her/its phone number.
Ok so I wasn’t a very smart kid, whatever, don’t start looking at me like you were the smartest kid out there, and you could have been the worst kid in your class academically but you’re here trying to judge me? Who the hell do you think you are? You think you can just wake up and start judging people because you scored a few points higher than me in grade 2 math? Is it because I wasn’t the teacher’s pet? Don’t judge me… you don’t even know me…. Sorry
I give up. End of post.


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