Primary School Woes

I was somewhat of an olodo when I was in primary school. It wasn’t embarassing before, then we started reading out comprehension passages in class. That was when my life took a turn for the worse.
I remember one particular incident very clearly.
Mr Ojo: ‘we are going to read a comprehension passage today and everybody will read a line each till we finish the passage’ (oh I forgot to mention, I was in a public school and there were 93 of us in class. We all shared 2 textbooks… Yea whatever)
All students: ‘groaning…. Ahhhh let’s do mass instead na’ (I should mention at this point that learning maths ‘mass as we called it then’ meant reciting two times table which most of us had crammed or written on our desks with pen’
Mr Ojo: Shutup all of you. You are all idiots, how stupid can you be? You will never amount to anything in life. I have no idea why you are even in school. You would do better selling pepper or being a mechanic. Bloody fools, all of you. What insolense. Your fathers… No your family and your ancestors are idiots…. (Yea, I remember the insults usually went on for so long). Oya Dona stand up and start reading the first line… Bloody twat’

I hate youth corpers…. All Four teachers I had in primary one were youth corpers and they all had one issue or the other. They never wanted to teach.

Me: ‘The title of the comprehension is Lost. And I begin my reading…. Somebody lost a pen….’
Mr Ojo: ‘some one not somebody’
Me: ‘okay… Somebody Lost a pen….’
Mr Ojo: ‘I said Some one, what can you see in your book?’
Me: Looking more carefully ‘someone sir’
Mr Ojo: ‘Say it again’
Mr Ojo: ‘Louder’
Me: ‘Someone’
Mr Ojo: ‘everybody shout it’
Class: ‘SOMEONE’
Mr Ojo: Good, Now start reading again you dunce
Me: ‘thank you sir….. Somebody Lost a pen…….’


8 thoughts on “Primary School Woes

  1. Lol. Primary school sounds like it was a lot of things for you man. But you never thank me when I insult you though. That’s gotta change now


  2. I see real life hasn’t cured you of childish things(must’ve been the abscence or ill use of the “rod of correction”,lucky you).. Nice one scratch ¤rotf¤.. You’ll not know anything when you grow..


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