Things I Do Not Like

These are a List of things i dont like. pls feel free to add your own under the comments section

»   Being sick (I love the attention though)

»   Roaches  (Look Baby I love you, but I aint touching that roach)

»   new music genre (pls If you want to listen to hiphop, listen to Methodman, redman, canibus, keithmurray and the rest, don’t gimme nicky minaj… I can kill you for this)

»   Radio commentators who talk over the music (can you wait for the song to end? PLEASE?? I’m not in love with your voice)

»   The fact that Pluto is no longer a planet (What the hell is wrong with you? Did Pluto explode?)

»   That force in the Universe that detects the things you care for the most and then makes sure that they’re gone FOREVER (that Shirt I saw at palms that was N157, 000, sigh…. )

»   People whose humor is only sexual (yeah, dude, now I know what your brain’s all about so shut up).

»   Fake “orange juice.” Mmm, I want some juice, I think I’ll buy this… water with orange colouring and a taste that vaguely resembles something orangey?

»   Steven Seagal (Look if nobody can touch your ass, why don’t you just go seize the moon?)

»   Missed opportunities (Why didn’t I just kiss the babe so hard when I had the chance? Cause I’m a moron!)

»   Opportunities that should have been missed (Why did I kiss that Babe when I actually like her best friend more? ‘Cause I’m a moron!)

»   Days that are bad for no particular reason.

»   iTunes. (id rather use ANYTHING else… even windows media player)

»   Hanks Anuku… (Dude sounds retarded… somebody should send that guy back to the America he claims he came from)

»    Loving couples who make out everywhere. (im guilty of this…. I LOVE rubbing my relationship in other people’s faces…. LMAO… get over it)

»   The misconception that all people of one gender are all alike. All women are crying mothers who like flowers and romance and all men play football, drink beer and choke on their own tongues if they try to talk about feelings.

»   Song lyrics that repeat the same over and over and over and OVER again (What the hell is WINDECK?? And why the hell am I dancing so much to it? It must be the devil)

»   Watching crime shows – real or fictional – where the case isn’t solved. (Fifty times as frustrating for real cases. I came to see a crime get solved, not go bed having a headache about how to solve it)

»   Women who swoon over serial killers (ladies, do you want to die?)

»   Those who hate things they haven’t read/watched/heard. (its like hating your life and you having seen it yet)

»   Dolph Lundgren (I don’t even know if that’s the spelling of the name… why don’t you just become Arnold swarZENIGGA SwarCHENIGER….. Swarchenggar… SHIT…. THE BLOODY COMMANDO GUY)

»   Celebrity Surnames I can’t spell… What the hell is wrong with you all?? Can’t you give us a shorter version? (Refer to the point above this)

»   Teachers who teach you wrong things and when you try to correct them, they’ll insist they’re right and not even check to see if you’re right.

»   People who are so full of themselves that their ego couldn’t fit in the whole Africa

»   Finding out songs I like have a religious message (everybody is now in illuminati according to the press… so I have to scrutinize all songs L )

»   When musicians start out by thanking God in that ‘thank you’ thingy inside album covers. People who take pictures of themselves in the bathroom (is the lighting better? Do you look good with white tiles as a background? Do you have diarrhea?)

»   Having songs I don’t like stuck in my head. (Vic O’s – Money aint a thing Nigga song…. I HATE THAT BLOODY SONG)

»  Emeka Ike – EVERY MOVIE EMEKA IKE HAS DONE. Who told that guy that he could ACT?? PLEASE?? WHO DID??

»   Melodramatic TV-shows where everyone is constantly crying and sobbing and whining. Especially if they also happen to be reality shows.

»   People who blame EVERYTHING on modern society, modern technology and/or the government. (blame yourself for not keeping up)

»   Those who wish we were back in those good old days – yeah, you know I miss living without Internet, Polio and the stereopticord

»   People who do talk to you like you were a kid even though you’re twenty-one, live on your own and are going to the University. And if they invite you to a family party, you’re probably going to be sitting by the kiddy table!

»   When you’re single and don’t drink and suddenly some people’s mission in life is to get you laid and drunk (Chucks… beware…. Remember that day you wanted to take us to Icebox and kill us with drinks?? Bad child)

»   Having someone you don’t like text you twenty-four hours a day. ( I didn’t reply… get a hint)

»   Older people who laugh at you when you tell them you have principles. (“Ho, ho, when I was your age, I said I didn’t want to work with kids but look at me now – I work in a kindergarten and I love it!” Yeah, I don’t want to work with kids. Shut it.


6 thoughts on “Things I Do Not Like

  1. º°˚˚˚°ºнaĦaнaº°˚˚˚°º‎​! Ok this is the first time I’m laughing so far. I totally agree with you on two points. Hanks Anuku and Emeka Ike. Those two irk me, I practically tune to the next station whenever I see a movie either one of them starr in. If I’m not in control of the remote, I walk away or play a game on my phone. Hanks is soooo annoying with his yeye forced accent. I wonder how a girl’s face will look like when he’s dropping love lines ***like what the fuck, dude drop dead***. As for that Emeka Ike, God!! He should please stop playing love roles, playing staunch man sef no fit am….infact hin no join! Then when he dims his eyes and forms boy sexy……mehn! My blood boils. Because of him, I hate that “you are the treasure that I seek song”. I looked at one babe in a bus with “bad eye” when her phone rang and that was her ringtone! Another dude I don’t care much for is emeka enyiocha abi na anyiocha! Igbotic dude!


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