Our Take on Women and Men. Deal with it

A warm welcome from our guest blogger for today @vannihoney…. Amazing little runt with an opinion lmao


Women have affinity for the home and most times it is said that a woman belongs in a home. a home consists of the people who make it warm and lovable while a house is the building where people make their home, usually its basic features are …the parlour (sitting room), the kitchen, the dining, the backyard, and the balcony(foyer,frontage,patio etc). 

every girl belongs to a home, i agree but there’s a catch,they actually belong to a part of the house. so the idea of this is to give you a sense of belonging in your home,
there are parlour girls, kitchen girls, bedroom girls etc, i’ld go on to describe the functions of every kind of girl.


parlour girls are really interesting, they are smart , pretty, articulate, and with wonderful interpersonal skills , you are not afraid to take her out cos she would get the approval of your friends, she knows it all, from politics ,to soccer to whatever discussion not to mention a lovely sense of humour.


these ones are the cheerful lot, they could make good conversation but they do love a good meal especially if its haute cuisine, they are open to taste and would do almost anything to have a wonderful meal. they know the best places in town for whatever meal, snack, pizza or icecream joint you want. they are so high flying.


these ones are every man’s dream, okay sorrry almost every man’s dream,they just have a way with food. they rustle up a meal and you can’t help but do the fingerlicking thingy, even if it its indomie, bread, garri, pap, whatever they do, as long as it is prepared by their hands has its own different taste.you want to go home to her all the time cos you know its another delicacy set at your table. their manner speaks of calm,obedience and even the way they set your food at the table makes you feel like a king.


these are the ones skilled in bedmatics ,acrobatics and lovingology.
every time she comes near you , you get a stirring in your loins in memory of the latest one she just taught you, my god,if you can help it ,you won’t let her out of your sight and even when you guys aren’t together and you are thinking of a ruff n tumble, she’s the one who comes to mind.they handle you in a peculiar, special , unique way no other girl has been able to attain.in summary , they rock your bedroom world!


these usually are a product of that dissatisfied parlor/bedroom girls.they are always on the balcony waiting for a better man to pass by or just sit and stare at passersby musing and pondering on which is beter than the one she has and wouldn’t bait an eyelid to litter her current man and follow the supposed better one .this is urge to always move on is caused by an uninteresting, lazy , cheating, dumb and irritating hubby.


these set of girls evolve or metamorphosed from the kitchen girls, since they are timid and unsure of anything beside their kitchen skills, they end up drifting to the backyard where they can find another man who is on the other side of the fence and would offer them the much needed attention they seem to be lacking in their own house.


… no girl is stereotyped into one descriptive personality usualy you get a mixture of the others in them but yes they do have a dominant characteristic. so before you choose a girl make sure she aint a balcony girl cos she’s sure gonna leave you, or the backyard one cos shez gonna start sleeping with your neighbour.

N/B this was inspired by a very naughty friend who seems to love his privacy but well, thanx for this explanation.


On the other hand there are basically 3 types of guys.


These guys seem 2 hav nature on their side, they dnt hav 2 work so hard bt they hav all the girls runin afta them. Tom cruise would be a gud example.

These guys knw the game. They hav it al figured out…i mean the dating anatomy. They r d guys dat always seem to win d bets on pulling a chick.

well the name says it all, they cook up al sort of lies to get the gurls bt end up getting none. I dont need 2 explain 2 much, u know urselves, most of u fellas are liars

Vanni Honey + ScratchBrovaman


10 thoughts on “Our Take on Women and Men. Deal with it

  1. Horrible foot note u added, go and look for the one I wrote about males and put here. Joor. Ur descriptions were too brief and ordinary.


    1. hian… the one you wrote about guys is a totally different post jo… ill post it another time as a full post. i didnt have much time to shed more light jo… but when im free ill edit it


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