My april fools story

I woke up this morning to a scream from the kitchen…. it lingered on for a few seconds… in my brain (which booted immediately i woke up) it was an april fool’s joke so i took my time and shuffled my feet to the kitchen. only to find my sister and cousin standing on the gas cooker. (HELL OF A SIGHT I MUST ADMIT) 
“what happened?”
i shuffled my way back to bed.
a few minuites later, someone poured a whole bucket of iced cold water on me and my bed… i looked up and it was my sister
“WHAT THE HELL now?? “
“april fool” she replied and shuffled her feet back to her room.


P.S. Yes my family is weird, Yes thats the end of the story, No im not adding anymore to it, Yes its a post even if its short like that…  


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