My name is Tunde, and I am 25years old, when I was 13 I fixed my first appliance (apparently every body thot the radio was bad, not knowing that the cable at the back was not fitted properly.) I was just bored so I decided to destroy something. picking up one dirty screwdriver I found I decided to drill a hole in the radio set. When I was just about to strike my first blow, my father walked in and saw me, somehow the picture to my father was that I was attempting to fix it and he encouraged me with kind words and so with my original purpose destroyed, I proceeded to drop the radio and find something else to destroy. Only for me to plug it in and the radio worked… I Almost got a standing ovation at home that day…. And that was the beginning of my WOES.

My father began telling every ear he could find about the incredible abilities of his 13 year old genius son who is going to be an engineer. Anytime I tried to chip in that I really wanted to study arts and theatre, I would get a present before I could speak. As if my life was not already looking bad, the TV suddenly went off one day (at that time, people hadn’t thot of the slapper i.e. slapping your TV back to life.) as the TV went off while we watched NTA NEWS, all eyes turned to the now 14years old engineer. In my mind I was like “chei that’s how they will finally find out im a phony” but I stood up anyway, went to the back of the TV, carried my trusty old screw driver and inserted it into one of the holes holding the screws and just kept turning away. At some point everybody left the sitting room to do other things. I got really frustrated and slapped the TV then went back to my seat. By the time my dad came back and switched the TV on, the pictures came back on the screen. The jubilation in my house could be heard two streets away. I began to think to myself that maybe I had super powers or something. That was how MR and MR FIX it was born.

11 years (of which 8years were spent struggling to get a pass in Electrical Electronics in the university and the remaining 3 years spent failing my Senior Seconday Science Exams in boarding house) later I realized I should have just stopped acting back then and I should have just gone to read my arts in peace….. I now own an electronics shop on your street with some little boys I hired as apprentices… well apparently they do all the work since I don’t know SHIT in this business.. my own part is to CON you ignorant people like my father that I am a certified Engineer so I can fix your appliances.

P.S when you come to my shop, u will see proudly displayed, an edited copy of my certificate…. I took out the CGPA and the PASS. 


25 thoughts on “DIARY OF MR & MR FIX IT

  1. Loool… Ds s the life of many ppl right nw! I feel 4 him, he prolly wd av bn anoda kanayo .o. Kanayo or zack orji if he jus studied theatre arts


  2. Really Funny… This is how i ended up as a graduate of computer science with no interest in programming.. I shudder to think of the day i’ll be exposed as a fraud.


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