Between Dbanj, Don Jazzy and some Bird Watching

BLOG BY A GUEST BLOGGER @sicily101, Its his first attempt but i rather like the argument 🙂

Yesterday I had a 3hr argument with two of my friends over the rumored separation of d’banj and don jazzy. (wait it’s not like we are bored or something and don’t have anything to do with our lives… in fact the other day, we went bird watching… yes I said it… bird watching… we like to observe birds as they migrate… and their migration patterns… ok so whatever… we go to KFC a lot… leave us alone) in fact I always avoid arguments, cos of the way I feel after having one, time waste.
But after the long course of this disagreement with my friends, I realized that like most comments I’ve read on the net from people, my friends don’t understand how the music business goes, so I decided to write on this.

Well before I continue this write up, lemme state that I have read articles and done little research on this same issue, and I’ve given it a rational and free minded approach, and this note will be as brief as straight to the point as Neyo’s hairline.

For the past few days, all I  see  on my twitter timeline is all about d’banj and don Jazzy parting ways, and how the koko master will lose his market in the music industry if truly he and don baba J ended their partnership.

Before I address the “losing his market” phrase, let me state that d’banj and Don Jazzy parting ways , is not confirmed yet, and Even if it ends up being true, let’s understand that these things happen all the time in the entertainment industry, its nothing new, and we shouldn’t start taking sides on whose fault it is or not already and get all emotional about it. After all they were both signed on to Kanye west’s GOOD music.

“D’banj won’t lose any market, at all” yes, instead he’ll grow bigger now, and that’s the truth. Need I remind u that this is business, how many of us Nigerians buy these original cd’s? Have u forgotten the word “piracy” so soon? Has it stopped? I bet we know the answers.

Just because he signed to an American label with the likes of john legend, Common sense, Big Sean, kid cudi etc doesn’t imply that he’ll change his genre or style of music, no. It’s more like he’s taking African music to the biggest market in the world and he stands a better chance of getting nominated or winning Grammys now. For example Femi kuti is one of the most successful Nigerian acts, who has been nominated for a Grammy three times and he’s been in record labels with other international artists of totally different genre.
now ask yourself how many Nigerians buy Femi’s albums, but he keeps selling worldwide and he’s internationally known. Same applies to Sade and Seal, who r Grammy award winners.

The true lovers of music would understand this bold and professional step d’banj took, it’s not just about Nigeria and Africa for him anymore, the world is involved now, he is an entertainer, he’s going to sell out tours now and rise to international success and stardom .

He may have a contract with GOOD music now, but that doesn’t mean he’s no longer with don jazzy and the rest of the mo’hit crew too. So please and please, let’s not separate this two talented and blessed professionals with our thoughts and mouths, because this as it is a time of trial for them, it is also an elevation.



16 thoughts on “Between Dbanj, Don Jazzy and some Bird Watching

  1. the contract with GOOD music is bcos of the beats,which are produced by Donjazzy! Now u say don’t take sides, this article took Dbanjs side!… Anyway, jus tot u shud knw dat GoodMusic is mostly interested in don jazzys beats and not dbanjs music! :d


  2. Hmmm…I have always known that Sic ‘Ogo’ is a talented dude!
    Words from the write up fell into the perfect place @ the right time!
    Well, i agree with you dude.. Dbanj(Nigeria) is on his(its) way to greater heights.

    Nice1 Sic.. Keep it up


  3. Wasn’t startled wen I heard the news of the self-imposed ‘african Michael Jackson’ & the Enigma’s seperation; I envisaged it. Business always turn out to b like dis. For Dbanj’s muzic,Jus like every other business(es), it needed to spread out into sum other society(ies). That’s expansion. U get used to the existing market,consumers,client etc & you should move unto anoda level by virtue of popularity & expansion like I mentioned earlier. This in turn affect management system. So if by signing to GOOD label(Kanye’s), which is very good for him cos he will b highly influence & exposed to alot,affects his relationship with the enigma. I really tink,its a decision they both should have not peeps blowing the shit outta prop. Btw, the last time I saw sumtin related to the agreement wt Kanye’s label,it involves the both of em.
    In a nutshell,its a great tin professionally for our own talents to b recognized over our shores but for d seperation,it won’t b too cool cos de v been music soulmates but let’s leave tins for destiny. Afterall, ciara is still doin well after she left musiq soulmate,Jazzy pha. Same to Beyounce…. So make una no fear. Dbanj go de rep us even Don baba J.


  4. Nice article…as for me, I don’t get the whole fuss thing about d’banj and don jazz stuff. Even if d’banj is out for real as far as I’m concern its no big deal. Were they meant to be together forever in the first place ? And I feel its gonna be to an advantage for both parties …


  5. This entire blog post was obvioulsy off the top of the lip, no tot was given to it at all, the writer (my frnd), sounds like a fan of dbanj cos thru out his nine or ten poorly indented paragraphs, he has sparingly yet to him carefully analysed the situation and glorified dbanj, staying unconcsciously oblivious to the head behind dis enterteiner, what is an entertainer without back up, without a producer, without beats!!! c’mon sic of all people u shud know better than dis


    1. @friend_of_d_blogger You r looking at this issue from a view of a poor fan from the same country with d’banj and jazzy who is simply being emotional and fearing that he may not have to see them work together more often anymore and that has little or no knowledge about how music business really runs and that in the industry, parting is very normal, bigger names have parted e.g dame dash and Jigga, Ciara and Jazze pha, Bow wow and dupri etc . Yes “there is no good artist without a good producer behind him”, that doesn’t mean he can’t work with other producers. There are similar cases which I didn’t need to show or tell u on that blog. Again, u can never compare the nigerian market to that of american market. We don’t buy songs here. How many of d’banj’s albums have u bought with ur money?


  6. This your article says nothing on how the impending split(as you say) affects don jazzy and the rest of the mo’hits crew…


    1. again, their separation is not confirmed yet. They may be having problems, but it may not be totally connected with GOOD music sign on. It could be anything we don’t know about. Could be agreement, settlement issues.

      Another reason may be connected with Don Jazzy’s negative reaction on the internet over D’Banj’s relationship with President Goodluck Jonathan.

      Don Jazzy had tweeted on on Twitter, the internet social network blasting President Jonathan for his insensitivity to the plight of Nigerian with his removal of fuel subsidy.
      This our source said may have infuriated   D’Banj who was also lampooned by a cross section of the music industry practitioners for selling out to the presidency.

      D’Banj believes that Don Jazzy ought to have been there for him, but was dis appointed that his friend should join  his foes to castigate him



  7. Nice one sic…buh ​u ended up making d article abt hw gud D’banj is or wud be nw dat he’s goin international, dis’s more lyk d view of a core D’banj fan…personally i tnk d rumoured split if true will affect D’banj especially cuz both of dem av grown to bekum close pals and continuing music production with a new producer may have itz challenges too…bein d great entertainer dat he is i believe D’banj will turn out to be a way better entertainer as long as he has a gud producer workin with him…i hope dis whole fuss ends with d rumour it is, cuz Don jazzy and D’banj are a great combo


  8. Sic.. Give us facts, lets see a pic of the tweet, Give us facts to back up your words with, or just let us know that this an “in my opinion” case like all of ours.. -+


    1. I don’t need to show u pics of don jazzy’s tweets, if u have been following his tweets well, you would have noticed, well I guess you were more interested in his free recharge cards I guess. Please don’t make me sound like am not a fan of jazzy’s.


  9. I don’t know the details of their split or have I envisaged how it will affect both parties…but I want to say that dbanj seems to be standing on his own and that’s not a good sign….Much respect to don jazzy, he seems to be handling it better than Dr SID


  10. sic, dont take this personal, i haven’t said anything about the nigerian/american market, u r placing a blind arguement, i’m telling you that your blog was focused on dbanj and simultaenously saying we shouldnt be one-sided and your responce to me is that, i’m a poor fan that is interested in recharge cards, seriously????
    for starters i dnt know about the recharge cards and 2ndly whats the relationship with what i’ve said!!

    Ps: since you are not a poor fan and u know about the recharge cards,the tweets and how he is emotional, i’m still amazed at how you haven’t said anything about him “blowing” without dbanj!!… talk about being interested ‘in’ certain things


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