This topic is one that has cause a lot of wahala in many relationships and marriages and I have come here today to address it once and for all but before I proceed I would like to give honour to whom honour is due.

Good day ladies and gentlemen, accurate time keeper, distinguished panel of judges, my co- writers and my fellow friends. I am here to shed more light on the above topic which says. “Debunking the myth about men and the toilet seat”.

I took some time out to find out what some guys felt about this particular topic and these were a couple of the answers I got.

because when men urinate, we want to avoid peeing on the seat so we put it up. Then we dont wanna put it down because: we are too lazy to put it back down, we want revenge on you for something and WANT you to fall in the toilet, or we are so fat the after urinating and shaking we are too physically exhausted to put it back down..
lol probly most likely the first one those x – Anonymous

It is expedient to most guys. Generally you will pee more times than you poop in a day. Guys pee with the seat up therefore placing it down just to lift it up again later on in the day is redundant. – Cnote

we have a very small attention span and dont care if we leave it up or down. I don’t even lift up the seat personally lol i don’t really see what the big deal about putting the seat down if we dont . At least some men take the time to lift the seat up in the first place – K.N.

Now I asked a few ladies for their point of view and these are a couple of replies I got.

Because its more convenient for them. But if you get them trained, as I have trained my husband, they never do it. He always puts the seat back down. I really appreciate that. Now if I could just get him to put the cap back on the toothpaste tube, we’d be all set. 😉 – Anonymous

Better question is WHY do the have to put the toilet seat up in the first place? My boyfriend doesn’t, he pees with the seat down and never drips on the seat…good aim! – sofia

They just forget about it and not notice it. Once they pull there pants up they just walk away from it, not on purpose probably just because they never thought of putting it down. – lilly

my freaking room mate does this, won’t clean up, won’t pee in the freaking toilet…I even offered to put the seat up.  That idiot is gonna rot in hell for making me feel the need to spray bleach the seat everytime before I got to the bathroom…it makes me so mad.  it makes me wanna hate men, and yet…I go out of town with a boy…I’ve spent so much time atmy old bfs and there is NEVER pee on the seat…it makes me hope one day he slips in the bathroom and lands face first into the toilet in his own piss.  I hate him. – Jess (ok this one is just really angry)


Now with all these views id like to ask the question nobody is asking.

why do women leave the toilet seat down, why do women n insist that toilet seats are made to be left down?

But seriously if you want them down please just go ahead and put them down, men don’t complain that women leave them down, we really don’t think that far. Men get it in the neck because we pee on them, that’s why we leave them up out of respect for women. But then again I started asking, why do you women have a problem with the seat being down? The reply was that when guys pee we aim and miss, but you need to understand ladies that we have more issues in the world to think about than missing the damn bowl. Its not like we miss 100% its just like maybe 5% or something… yea whatever…

BOTTOM LINE: Ladies if you really want the seat left down, then put it down yourself, when u finish with it, put it back up. Trust me the guy will never notice. J

I hope with these few points of mine I have been able to convince you and not to confuse you that… umm… (the topic on top) yea… and all that..



  1. Always wondered why d ladies bothered about that… 1 its a good sign if he leaves d seat up and doesn’t pee on it..2 d seat is designed to go up and down, fix it how u want it when u use it. Smh , ladies always wanting things their way…


  2. I was brought up in such a way u lift the toilet seat up after using it dis is to d fact I have brothers.. Ladies get infected easily so y leave d seat for dem guys to mess it all up.. They could aim right but might not shake right vice versa. Prevention they say is better that cure.. Can’t forget the note my mum left on our toilet door “Always lift the Toilet Seat after usage, flush andd wash your hands cos Cleanliness is next to Godliness”…


      1. Ofcourse u guys were built dat way so dat leaves us ladies to tune u guys to the right way it shld be done.. So don’t complain if it gets so tough on u keeping up!


      2. abeg park… its my house, its my toilet seat… if you want to keep the seat up or down… put it anyway u want… just dont turn me to a dog in the process.. lool inshort… NEW RULE. NO TOILET SEATS IN MY HOUSE ANYMORE


      1. Exactly we always leave it the way we found it… sometimes when i remember and im trying to be considerate, i dont even know wether yall want it up or down…smh… the sex that can never be pleased


    1. For wetin nah! To me it is expedient to leave d damn thing up! If u want to use it put d damn thing down. If u are cool with the likelyhood of 5% missing the bowl den good luck to u.


  3. With those few words, I hope u av conviced them ladies that we dnt give a fuckery if the toilet seat is even yanked out. *yawns


  4. Lmaoooo!!! Hilarious!! Bt srsly its meant 2 be down cos its a toilet SEAT and its also meant to b covered after use hence the toilet LID


  5. wot’s all d fuss about? Guys y’all shudn’t just d toilet seat. Period. Whether it is up or down doesn’t mata.


  6. haha…vewy funny topic bro…I like this post cause its so real…this happens daily…its a source of quarrel even between family peeps….I fink the solution u proferred is this absolute best….nice work bro keep it up…love ur writings.


  7. hmmmmm! @msfixx, if i see a toilet with the seat and lid down, omo i no go even near cos the impression is that it is loaded with enough nonsense that has been piled up and waiting for the unfortunate being to open and perceive.


  8. The reason men should have to put the seat down is because scientifically and statistically women go pee a lot more often than men. Therefore the toilet seat should be left down as there is more likelihood of a woman going in to use it or even a man taking a dump. There are waaaay more instances where it is down and therefore should be left down. However just be glad your boyfriends lift the seat at all cause mine doesn’t.


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