So here I am sitting at my work space with my special cup foaming with its contents – my rush rush coffee (sugar, coffee, hot water, cold water and a teaspoon to stir)…. and of course my hands to do the shaking…lol. 


I kant stop laughing… I rily dunno why? ok,Il tell u…. I was the first passenger in a bus heading to Ketu-ojota this morning.

Im one of those kind of people who select the buses i enter by Conductor Criteria, You know how you would just enter a bus and the conductor would be offensive to all five senses? Like seriously? He would be wearing a worn out T-shirt and boxers with his genitals popping out from time to time, Forget the sight, His voice would now be Husky like he was in the mood to kidnap you? who is not scared of entering one chance abeg? In this Lagos? Forget the sound of his voice, and then he would now be brushing you with his body in the course of collecting money from other passengers and you are 100% sure that this brother hasn’t taken his bath in ages, and then The stench emanating from this dude could defuse a bomb.. (i dunno where that came from… I don’t get it… how would that even happen…. look don’t patronise me just understand my point abeg)… im sure you are thinking to yourself like that is 4 senses, what of the taste? Well you know how the smell of something would be so intense that you can kinda taste it? Yep, that’s the kinda smell emerging from the armpits of this conductor i am trying to describe. 

Anyway I selected the right bus this morning and with the events of last night still filming in my head I stared out of the window at the traffic building up on the other side of the expressway. 

A lady sat next to me and I couldnt help but stare.. not that kinda weird stare but a confused stare. She was squeezing her face like she was constipated and trying so hard to release her finished goods buh what caught my attention was what she was wearing.

A lovely brown suit…. ok, pause….Its her church outfit!!!… How did I know? Im a fashion designer and a die-hard fashion critic and I know a suit when I see one. Shape on point but the “Suit” was crying for help….Imagine a banker who has worn a black/navy blue suit for a period of 10 years. Thats how helpless this “Suit” looked.


It got me thinking. Is it that people do not have money to buy new clothes?, or are they tied to a particular outfit and have refused to let go because it cost a fortune in the past? or are they just being stingy to themselves by making this particular piece of fabric a ROCKAWEAR? my dear, i no fit answer this kain question cos day-in-day-out I see a million outfits begging to be rescued by owners who have maltreated these clothes to a point of “even a beggar would reject”…


What am I saying sef? hehehehe. Its just a thought. oooops! i drained all my coffee. next cup in a bit…


9 thoughts on “MUG OF COFFEE THOUGHTS :)

  1. I’m sorry, Scratch but no, I do not like this post. Is it deliberate that there are so many grammatical errors? Wrong tenses, wrong punctuation… And so, the sight of someone wearing a very worn suit is the cause of your early morning laughter? Please!


    1. Thank you @Shomade… Pls kindly point out the wrong tenses. And pls, I wasn’t laffing @ d lady’s worn suit… We all av various way of getting “Humour” out of every situation… 🙂


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