How I met Ceejay Scratch-Brovaman

Heres a couple of stories from a couple of people (who are not couples) about the couple of events surrounding our first encounter, coupled with the fact that…… just read abeg

Smtime n jan2010.. European villa, Futo. I was suppposd 2 audition 4 α radio-presentin job. I got der and i met ds tall charcoal-lookin dude dat was jus talkin(scratch) and he dint even take note of me till i was introduced to him. Then he said.. “Am CeejayScratchBrovaman… Am like “sorry i dint get that” and he says “jus call me scratch”(wivout smilin). Finally i was suppos 2 cm on Air wv scratch and jus freestyle basically and dt was hw i saw the funny & intellectual part of him..( I start gettin relaxed a bit) and am finkn 2 myself “Scratch is cool”. We go off air for a break and Scratch starts actin like a girl and i had 2 ask him “are yhu gay???” Den he literally runs 2wards me(ds studio was jus the size of a room, so imagine sm1 runnin 4m one end to the other), i dint even have time 2 process and realise y he was evn runnin.. Nxt tin he grabs my mouth and kisses me.. Den he says..”Nw yhu knw am nt Gay” and he starts laughin dat his weird laff(u knw the laff if u knw scratch). Am like “serzly dd yhu av 2do dat 2 prove yur point + i was just jokin”.. And he sd..”I was just jokin too”.. And that’s hw i met Ceejay Scratch Brovaman.

Adaugo Kwin-harris

On day fateful (wink) nite scratch was supposedly on a date wit ma gf Eky. I had hed so much abt scratch d grt n wntd 2 bestow my luscious eyes upon him thus I ws willing 2 pay d cost ie loosin a few seconds of my life. Alas he ws at d foot of d step n I ws at d top n dat ment I wud loose more seconds dan I bargained buh stil my determination did nt waver. He ws hence called upon by Eky n family guy moron way he ran up d stairs n his eyes in2 my face. Weird one I sed 2 myself buh he’ll do. N indeed he more dan did he’s turned awesome……love u baby


‎#howimetscratchbrovaman……he was the most famous school crown that you can never double-dare…..”Let me hype him up…not to fuck is personality up”…LOL

Felix (biggie)

we met around sosc i tink sometym 7yrs ago,n i remember thinking: d guy has to b nuts.

Ada Nnodi

hmmmmmm.Anyways,I met you smwia arnd d shop of dah mallam dah sells mishai(hope dah’z d spelling) in Umuchima and you were walking barefooted majestically either to Kenfloor or Ofe’z to geh food.You were introduced to me by dah Albino(Kenny Emeribe).hehehehehehe,wah else?Notify moi!

Lily Chantelle

Cj was the name he first used to introduce himself back in skl (FUTO) .. Met him thru my friends and I always wonder wat makes him always happy.. Till I met him one time in chicken republic @ allen Lagos, I knew it was natural wit his tall skinny legs and ass.. Dancing to a 9ja song wish I cld remb d name..(Hahahahahah).. One thing he never knew ma lil sis who was wit me wen I saw him asked me if my friend does take hard drugs.. I couldn’t stop laughing. Wasn’t surprised wen I got back to skl and he said he should be called SCRATCH.. Mehn he was fun in skl and his trademark: if u are looking for any fine girl’s name in FUTO scratch is d up to date man for it. No girl wldnt want to meet him with his Tall funny ass skinny body..*tongue out* !!  Always a happy Man!!!
That’s ow I met Scratch!!

Chioma HighHeelz

Wel dis is the story. It was d nyt of DANCE BATTLE 3 in futo,where scratch was more lyk d Mc or vj waheva. And dia was a conflict btw d 2 finalists in d battle abt who’s gona win or not. And i sided MasterPiece dance crew which was every1s fav. Bt because my bf as of den mentiond d crew openly on stage,scratch was tryna b al judgemental on us.and i got pissd and shouted @ him.(cant even remember what i was teln him) afta d whole ish, we went our seperate ways.funny enuf,bykes dropd us @ d same lodge,it even got wierd wen d 2 parties,ie scratch,my bf nd i. were openin d doors ryt opposite eachoda. And we were lyk “oh u again” d nyt ended up in laughter i met my next door neighbour in a wierd way. Nw he my boo! He even cals me a lot of names lyk gurlfwend! Or feelingwierd gurl! Lmao!


i went 2 c my sis in futo nd one day she tells me dat she’s goin 2 c a
frnd of hers. I was going 2 c a frnd so i told ha i wud meet ha der. I
got 2 d haus and i met my sis occupied wit a meal of fried yam wit
plantain nd fried egg all prepared by scratch himself and also a glass
of juice. I got my own share of d meal and mehn he can cook, ‘leave
it’. Dat was afta we wer introduced. He actd a lot lyk a gurl. Nd den
came d part of d ‘drop it low’ dance. I cud av sworn it was a gal
dancin if i didn’t know who it was. And we’ve bin frnds since den or i
tink so.



Junior is the razzest boy in lagos and also the funniest dude with all ’em crazy jokes. junior do you remember how i always asked you to crack jokes whenever you came to the house? anyway, in case i didnt say it, he is my inherited cousin, i dont knw what dat means, but that’s what our parents told us. lol

– Ifeoma Okerulu (Cousin) Hi5 2007


hmmmm… wat can i say? ceejay is now usin his head (lol).. hmm i wonder where all dat came from (lol)… newayz ceejay is one hell of a crazy dude and loving guy… he is so full of life… and he is also a very funny guy… ceejay if u dnt stop disturbing me am gonna tell ur wifey.. (lol) u know she is ma frend… ceejay is a woman’s man…. keep doin ur thing…..
love shola

-Shola S. (culled from Hi5 in 2007)


Ceejizzle for reazzle ain’t just a friend but a fellow broda in crisis. Wez been both pastor of a church called…. “go ahead Jizzle tell em the name of our church” yeah son that’s the name… uhuh! this sh*t is banging!!

Hey remember the code word bro…. “dun come close!” “Daieeeemn! wez cool aite! yoz be real” wez gat this mad thang in kpomo to-get-her, mad men for reazzle. Hey how about da ride we used on Sunday is it ok now? ma bad son! just asking.

I love this guy wit ma all boxers and shirts, he’s the best dude that’s gat ma back running the church to-get-her and i fully regret it! What can’t i do without you Jizzle. Nothing man, i need you just like i don’t need enemy to know you!

Take a bow for ma bro and friend jizzle for reazzle!

– Azubuike (now married smh…lol culled from Hi5 2007)


cjmoi.words cannot explain how much i APPRECIATE u irrespective of the fact that i dont like u.u’ve touched me in different not really happy and glad to have u as a friend.i could not have asked for a more better father though ur still a dullard but i **** and appreciate u wholeheartedly.tanks 4 being a good friend and father.

NOTE:stil need a best friend

– Bola Alakija (smh times have changed since 2007)


0 my……………its ma brother in the house!!!!!
Ladies&gentleman this is a cutie!!!!!!i love him so much!!!!This boy is the best,no wonder ma sister is …………………………wateva sha.well,bro keep it real aight!!!nastie out.u know how we do it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

– Damie Osilaja (hi5 2007)


u are the worlds sweetest guy a girl can ever have!love u always

Ebun Osilaja (hi5 2007) tins r diff now 😦 

Hilarious…..totally Hilarious.




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