Ok ive had enough of it, You know what really shoots me in the big toe? When people use the words “shant” instead of “shall not

”, like really?? “shant??” because you hear people use words like ‘cant’ you feel you can just wake up one day and invent your own word like shant? What if I started using words like “MANT” meaning “might not” huh? Will you be happier? Eh? Look I am just telling you, this is not going down well with me. Are you still in the bible days? Hold on let me take my drugs…..

Another really annoying thing that people do that really stabs me in the ear is when people find new sentences to replace saying that th

are angry. That’s how some dude I saw on TV came up and was screaming “THIS REALLY GRINDS MY GEARS” grinds your gears? Grinds your…?? Really?? You now have gears?? Are you a machine?? While you are out here being a machine can you wash my clothes? Or can you pick me up and take me to the store?? How many gears do you have now? What nonsense?…. More pills……

Another thing that really throws me in the bin is when I spend a great deal of cash and I have no idea what I spent it on, you know how you just bring out 10k and you say to yourself,
“self, you have to be very careful how you spend today. You have to be very thrifty with this money”

…….5 hours later………

“WHAT THE HELL MEHN, 10 grand gone?? I have 50bucks left?? WHAT THE HELL MEHN?? WHERE DID ALL THAT MONEY GO? AND I A

M STILL STANDING IN THE SAME SPOT…. ..staring at my self in the mirror, WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED MEHN??”
Who wouldn’t get pissed at that? At it happens to each and every one of us…. A little airtime here, a few cabs there, a few meals here, a little support there = 10k………where the hell are my drugs??…..



**buries self**



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