am just saying somethings just get into my nose…as in they really piss me off..
.ok imagine the guy that invented the light bulb….am sure everybody around him was stuck with their candles and they were like
“OMG look at that guys house….GEEZ if only he could give us some of his “Fire in a container” so that our houses would be as brightly lit as his”
….but did he give them?? NOOO he told them to buy more candles and their houses would be brighter than it already is….yes it will be hotter but brighter which is the end result they were looking for….the guy was just an ass….,yea whatever his light bulb was a great invention but am just saying he shoulda shared some of it with the poor neighbours….but now does anybody remember the neighbours?? NOOOOOOOO nobody does they just remeber the prick who refused to share and thats just bullocks (like sandra)
anyway my point is that only asses get to be remembered in the history books….eg Abacha, napoleon, hitler, saddam hussein….i know your like
‘omg but there are some good guys we remember too’
,…may be like mother teresa…wait you really think she was that good….why didnt she get married…why didnt she have a daughter…now shes gone and theres nobody to fill her shoes…have you thot about how those shoes feel?? they must be really lonely like
“omg nobody wants to wear us again…we used to be the talk of the town before…we used to go everywhere with mother T (thats what they call her) but now we are just here sitting in her empty room doing nothing”
….you really think its fair on those shoes?? you think its fair/?? if you think its fair then your an ass too and you shall be remembered in history…..#justsaying ….


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