what really happened

Self ive told you to buckle up, you are not living up to expectations….
wait for a minuite there…whos expectation? Yours or mine
Both of us….
but im just a self, im inanimate, i dont like have a body or something. I think you should be the one i should be reprimanding and not the other way round cos….
dont even go there, you make my human body what it is, you are basically what my entity is all about, without you there is no me so think about that before you go around pointing fingers
Ooooh so now you know that i am a part of you, you did not think of it that day last week when you were trying hard to ignore that beautiful girl that was all over you at TFC, i was tellin you to go ahead and hook up with her but then you wouldnt listen, telling me about you are not interested, you want to make money, you dont want to have sex with any random girl….that wasnt for you mehn , that was for me…i have needs you know….i need to feel like a man….i need to release tension mehn…
and what does that have to do with anything, i am the one who was going to talk to the girl, spend money making her feel comfortable, take her home,do all the straineous excercises involved in sex and the same one who will get tired after wards, and what do i get from all that?? Nothing, i even loose sperm for goodness sake. Isnt that just heartless….
so i cant just ask you for one little thing like “hey can you like have sex for me, i really need to let some steam go” is that too much to ask?
its not too much to ask, you are just blowing it out of porportion. All i am saying is that i cannot be forced to give you everything you need just cos you need it at that particular point in time. I am responsible for you and whatever you want because i need you to function.
Well you are not making me happy sha, thats all am saying
i cant make you happy all the time
and you want me to buckle up?
definately, why wont you, cant you see your mates out there driving nice cars and living the good life, while you are here doing only what God knows, dont you feel ashamed of yourself?
Me?? I am not ashamed o, why would i be? Can anybody see me? Its your face they are seeing and pointing fingers to, and saying “ahh see that guy, he’s not living up to expectations”nobody is going to poke me and say “eh this guys self, you should sit up and make this guy look good”
dosent that just sound so selfish?
well thats the beauty of being a self, my selfishness is all i have to live for
i really dont appreciate the direction of your reasoning self, i need you to be more active, to be more productive, to do more good than harm, to make me something in this life, but all you want to do is laze around and do nothing….
well generally yes, thats basicaly what am interested in at the moment.
i am begining to think i do not need you in my life
you took the words right out of my mouth, you are begining to be useless to me
wow, so i guess this is where we part ways self, i hope you have a good life out there being someone elses self
whatever, please do not call me, just stay away from me….am really not interested in your juvenillistic antics and all what not
oh my God, look whos calling who a juvenille, you who has refused to make something out of life for yourself, you just want to laze around like a fool. Please just get out abeg
I was out before you even said it, you can keep everything in your mind, i really do not need anything further from you, you are a waste to me…..
i cant believe you were my self for all these years, i was so stupid, how did i not see this coming? Mschew, Get out of my sight jor….your worthless, a monkey with no brains has more worth than you….shift abeg.


****and that was how i lost my self…..now am out there in the world looking for a new self…..****




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