men see their wives n children in silhouettes
from home removed long
they run after naira
running out their lives
in this city…..

under red lights,
faded women in different hues foreground
makeup their defects
and wait for the customers
teh scabrous husbands
whom hedonism drives to doom
on the streets at nights…..

tired of their obese wives
amatory men search teh streets
strewn with jades of all sorts
their occupation to satisfy
the amatory men of lagos….

a jolting scene of disorder
cacophonous jabbering amid blares of motorists
with conductors ever pugnacious
rattle-trade with lewd humor
then the sea of humans
through the one-foor bus doors poised
lagos bustops….

a multiform city of sorts
from the nescient to the knowledgeable
the simple to the complex
the conventional to the wierd


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