just thinking here

dont worry i think this will be really short. am just saying some of us want to love God with all our hearts, we see people prayin soo passionately, some even cry, we hear peoople talkin about their personal relationships with God. some even use phrases like ”God told me” but when we try to pray we sleep off, and we dont hear a nythn, worst case scenario we would hear the sound of our hearts beating from stayin so silent. how do people get close to God. dont give me the read ur bible thing cos its hard when u read something u read before……i dunno am just sayin is there a short cut or do we hav to go thru the long method. am guessin u wanna say God thru Jesus….well am born agin. i just want more of God….im gettin far below what i should b gettin and am sad about it……..


3 thoughts on “just thinking here

  1. Sometimes U just need to be in a quiet place, be silent and speak to him with your heart. Its an amazing feeling cos God is never far away…it is Us who tend to wander.


  2. this was a long time ago, i found the HOLY spirit who has taught me sooo much….and is still teaching me…. the bible says he will teach me all things…
    that was what i was missing at the time of this post….
    the holy spirit..


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